An Abstract-Realism representation inspired by the        times when the mountains and hills burst into song                and the trees of the field clap their hands. 

      Little "bubbles" of gratitude rise  

          upwards in every painting.

              In the series, subjects include buildings, 

  landscape, seascape, flowers...actually anything that

        can be interpreted in the "Ascending" manner.

These paintings fit in many styles of decor - from Traditional to Craftsman to Contemporary.

Many of the paintings are framed with a simple black frame and includes low-reflection archival Acrylite

that is lighter and safer to transport and hang.

 Others paintings are mounted to a wood panel and then protected from moisture to present as a more contemporary frameless painting.  

Watercolour, acrylic & ink ...you'll find it here.  We invite you to check out our Gallery.

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